"Enlighten me then"
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Jamie and Dakota on Beyonce

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Int: What was it like to shoot those scenes? I mean, it actually seems like the opposite of fun. To be naked all day on a set. 
Dakota: Yeah. It’s not like a romantic situation. It’s more, like technical and choreographed and less um.. It’s less, like more of a task

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this was my favourite scene in the book, I’m so happy it’s in the movie

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I’m incapable of leaving you alone." … "Then don’t.

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Anonymous asked:
I just hope they don't do the tampon pullout scene... Well they can do it, but exclude the tampon

Gosh I almost forgot about that. Let’s hope they leave that to our imagination! Especially because you don’t flush that stuff down the toilet, you put it in the trash, so 10 points from House Grey.

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Yes Mr. Grey…… I can wait 7 months…can you?

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Fifty Shades of Grey

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"There’s really not much to know about me. Look at me…"

"I am."

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Yes I am going to reblog a shit ton of Fifty Shades of Grey stuff.

I’m sorry.

(Not really.)

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